Prices for VHS, video camera or camcorder tapes converted to DVD.

These prices are for a straight copy with no editing and a simple menu.

Up to 1 hour per dvd $25
1 to 2 hour per dvd $30
2 to 3 hour per dvd $35
3 to 4 hour per dvd $40

For VHS video tapes we can fit up to 4 hours or 4 x 1 hour tapes onto each dvd for $40.

For video camera or camcorder tapes we recomend a maximum of 2 hours per dvd to keep the quality high.
2 x 1 hour tapes for $30.
_ _ _ _

For basic editing with menus and chapters.

1 hour tape $36
2 hour tape $58
3 hour tape $67
_ _ _ _

All dvd's come in a plastic case.
Get a second copy for only $12.

Multiple tape discount applies to bulk copying. Ring for a price.
We can convert and transfer all digital or analogue video camera or camcorder camera tapes sd cards or mini dvd's.

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