Photo and Video Montage.

What is a Montage?
A Montage is a short, finished production of photos, video clips, and other images set to music.
It also has professional touches, including pre-set special effects, transitions, and editing features, that turn your standard photo slideshow into a moving video production.
A Montage can be all photos, all video clips, or any combination of these.
A photo montage is ideal for telling your story at Weddings, Memorials, Milestone Birthdays and Anniversaries, Special Religious Events, Vacations, and Family Reunions.
If there's an event, you can bet there's a story to tell!

Transform your pictures into a beautiful DVD keepsake. Perfect for any occasion, a photo montage video combines photos with music and movement to create a touching and heart felt story.

Dig out those old photos, dust them off, and preserve them while telling your special story!
Your photo montage DVD will be a unique and personal treasure that will be enjoyed time and time again.
A photo montage is an incredible way to pay tribute to someone special or commemorate a special event.

Some other great "photo montage" ideas:
Music Recitals; Hunting/Fishing/Sportsmen Memories; Athletic/Sports Highlights; School Events and more.
Photo DVD Montages make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Day, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Weddings or any other special occasion.

Graham's Video Productions offer you the opportunity to display all of your favourite images in a single, stunning presentation.
A special montage, created for you using images lovingly selected by you for their sentimental or aesthetic value.
Can't decide which wedding picture is your favourite?
Want to leave grandma with a daily reminder of her grandchildren?
No more space on your walls for more pictures?
Are your photo albums gathering dust in the attic?
Why close the book on some of the best moments of your life?

Display your memories with one of our montages - a daily reminder of some of the happiest events of your life.
Combine all your favourite photographs in a single DVD to create a cherished memento.
Whether it's a gift for friends and family; or a special treat to yourself, a montage is unique so you can be sure that your special memories have been captured.

How to prepare Your Montage
1. Select your photos -
Any size and shapes may be used, however, wallet size to an 8x10 work best (Some photos may need cropping).
Be sure to indicate region of interest.
All photographs must be removed from any packaging or albums.
Home videos or photo cd's can be added also.

2. Number the photos -
Line up your photos across the table to see the story develop.
Number those photos in sequence per segment on the back corner with a Pencil Do not press hard as this will leave an imprint on the picture which the camera will pick up.
DO NOT use a marker of ANY kind as this will show through the photo.

3. Length of the videotape -
Each photo remains on the screen from 4~6 seconds, therefore, you may consider an average of 10~12 photos per minute.
There is no limit on how many photos you can use.

4. Titles -
Separate your photos into groups to convey a clear message of Family trips, Weddings, Getting to know each other.
Place your titles between each segment to define the next segment.
Different songs can be used for the various portions as well which will also convey a special meaning.

5. Music -
We have an extensive music library to select from or you may provide your own.
Music must be on CDs. Provide enough music... use this formula; for every 10 pictures you will need 1 minute of music. So... 30 pictures would last about 3 minutes.

6. Segment your photos -
keep your photos grouped in separate envelopes labelling each envelope with segment name, total number of photos and their numbered sequence.
Include the name of the music segment used in the title as well as the name of the song  for that segment.
Please enclose the music CD in the envelope.

7. Shipping and Return -
Phone to set up an appointment to bring in your material or send to our address.
Your photos are important and priceless so we suggest that if you mailing the material that you:

Please send your package via a courier service that provides a tracking number, so that it can be traced.
We cannot be responsible for any lost or misdirected packages.
Be sure to write "Do Not Bend" on your package to prevent damage to your photos.
Including a piece of cardboard in your envelope is also recommended.
You can also slip the photos in a plastic bag for extra protection.

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