Funeral dvd filming recording

Why Record A Funeral Service ?

Sometimes it's not possible to attend a funeral in person, for a variety of reasons; distance, illness, finances, air travel or otherwise.
At the funeral or memorial service, a part of the grieving process is remembering stories of the loved one.
A eulogy is when friends and family share their fondest memories.
By having the ceremony recorded, they will have an opportunity to view the Funeral Ceremony at a future date, in the privacy of their own home.
Unfortunately, we often do not remember the speeches, readings, poems and music as the day can be full of emotion.
Filming a funeral service can help to remember those most precious memories and also share them with relatives and friends who live across the globe and are unable to attend the service or memorial.
Recording the service also allows children who are too young to understand what has happened, it gives them the opportunity to view the service later in life, with adult eyes.
You get the chance to hear again and again the wonderful things spoken about the loved one during the service and eulogy.
A funeral dvd or video eulogy is not everyone's "cup of tea", you either like the idea or not, most folk appreciate the sentiment behind this kind of video and realise that it can be of benefit to people in different ways.

What Is Recorded ?

This greatly depends on what you would like, to begin we suggest only the service is recorded.
This is done in such a discreet way, that most people attending the Funeral will not even be aware of the camera and that the Funeral Service is being recorded on video.
We film the service in its entirety, including all eulogy’s, items, and slideshows, which are then transferred to a DVD.
The graveside service is not attended unless requested.
There are many reasons why our funeral filming services are requested.
For some it can be a valuable part of the grieving process whilst others ask us to record the ceremony for members of the family who are unable to attend due to living overseas or illness.
Other people want to record the service as part of the celebration of a persons life and accomplishments, focusing on the personal memories and stories that are shared.
A funeral video is a wonderful way of capturing the shared memories of a loved one so they can be collected and cherished forever.
Whatever the reason, we can provide you with a way of keeping those special memories real.
We can film as much or as little of the funeral as you prefer. The video can cover the casket at home, funeral ceremony, graveside service and the wake if requested.

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