Photo Scanning

Yes, photographs do fade! Unfortunately, the colour dyes used in the image irreversibly decay with time.
Colour photos will last longer if stored in the dark in a cool dry location.
Photos will last for 50 years or more if stored on a cd or dvd.
Not only will a photo cd preserve your cherished photographs, but it also makes viewing the photos so much more enjoyable.
A collection of photographs on cd, now that's the way to preserve history.
Photos can be any size or shape up to A4, black and white or colour.
The photo cd can be viewed on a home computer or played as a slideshow on any compatible dvd player or recorder.
Photos can be printed from the cd at any photo shop.

Contact us today! Save Your Family's History!

Up   to   30   photos   $0.90 each
31   to   100       "       $0.60 each
101 to   200       "       $0.55 each
over       200       "       $0.50 each

Minimum price for 30 photos.
No maximum number of photos.

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