Legacy of a Lifetime

Precious memories of our loved ones are important to all of us. Remembering those who are most dear to our hearts is essential.
What better way to honour your family member or friend than to permanently capture a visual and audio representation of their lifetime in DVD format?
Let Graham's Video Productions provide you with a professionally developed Legacy of a Lifetime presentation on DVD format, all tailored to your unique requirements.

Life Stories

Create a video that will become one of the most valued family heirlooms - create a "Life Story."
Let us interview a family member (or members) and combine their story (stories) with photos and music to create an interesting and entertaining documentary on the life of that family member and or the family.
We help individuals and families articulate their history on video, allowing ordinary people to tell their life stories.
All too often children don't get to know their grandparents. They didn't get the chance to be told memorable stories and life experiences.
By having a "Life Story" created, you can show your children and their children what their ancestors looked like, sounded like and experienced in their lives. Let the wisdom of generations be passed down.
Everyone's life has a story and your loved ones will cherish yours. What is your story?
Let us help you document your life story for your children and grandchildren. Give your family the gift of knowledge of the past. This is a truly wonderful and heart warming service!
DVD presentations can be created from photographs, VHS videotape, digital camcorder tape, digital pictures, SD card or photo cd.
Your presentation will be individually created and customized to meet your needs. Whether its a short and simple presentation or a longer presentation designed to capture a life's journey in detail, it's up to you to decide.
Funeral or Memorial Video Services.
We are proud to offer services for memorials. While this is a trying time for the friends and family of the loved ones who have passed on, video of the service can be a tremendous way to recall the character of the person and the impact they've had on people around them.

All DVD presentations are professionally created with an attractive colour photo and a menu to provide instant access to any part within the presentation.
To order your presentation please:
Select the package that is right for you from the Legacy of a Lifetime product list.
Collect photos, tapes cd's etc.
Photo's can be colour or black & white, digital images or any other source may be used.

Sequence the media in order of the presentation
Send your media to us or drop it in.
Your Legacy of a Lifetime presentation will be delivered in a timely fashion along with all original media provided. Custom packages are also available upon request. Please call for more information.
Every effort will be made to provide a dvd presentation to the specification and time frame requested. Longer presentations with multiple sources (scanned photos, video etc) will take longer to produce however, so please allow adequate time for a quality production.
All of the packages include:
- a custom dvd menu system.
- one copy of the finished production on dvd.
- additional copies may also be purchased for $12 each.

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